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Month: August 2018

On the Manafort convictions

Do I think Paul Manafort probably lied on bank loan documents and intentionally filed false tax returns? Yep. Do I think a large staff of professional prosecutors and investigators with a nigh on unlimited budget could find...

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Change it from the inside!

No. Libertarians should not join a major political party to “change it from the inside.” Nor should: Vegetarians join Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse to change it from the inside. Lutherans join the Catholic church to...

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Bluecarp on Twitter

"Just because they had 'socialist' in their name doesn't mean the Nazis were socialist!"

Okay, why do you think the Affordable Care Act makes healthcare more affordable?

"Duh, it's right there in the title."

The whole notion of “a curve” (that goes up and then down), implies there’s some sort of herd immunity at work.

Whether you like it or not, the strategy of flattening the curve was based on an assumption that the population would achieve some degree of immunity from reinfection.

Most Facebook "fact checks" are not fact checks at all. They acknowledge the stated fact is accurate, but then argue that the conclusion one might draw from that fact should be different than the conclusion the poster is drawing by implication.

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