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Month: August 2018

On the Manafort convictions

Do I think Paul Manafort probably lied on bank loan documents and intentionally filed false tax returns? Yep. Do I think a large staff of professional prosecutors and investigators with a nigh on unlimited budget could find...

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Change it from the inside!

No. Libertarians should not join a major political party to “change it from the inside.” Nor should: Vegetarians join Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse to change it from the inside. Lutherans join the Catholic church to...

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Bluecarp on Twitter

Policy arguments are irrelevant to the question of whether or not the executive branch has the authority to take this action, which is the issue before #SCOTUS.

"Thomas Massie might be the least popular man in Washington."

Good! That means he's not contributing to the problem. Major props to @RepThomasMassie. via @politico

I don’t know a member of Congress more principled or dedicated to the Constitution than @RepThomasMassie. @SpeakerPelosi delayed this process repeatedly and sent the House into recess before its job was complete. Big mistake!

So "gadfly" means "fiscally responsible" now?

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