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Month: October 2018

I vote third party

I vote third party.   The two major parties are both responsible for destroying this country. Arguing about which one is doing it slower is absurd.   It’s like getting into a knife fight on the way to your execution...

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There is an amendment process…

Whether or not something is moral/immoral, good policy/bad policy, fair/unfair have absolutley no bearing on whether or not that something is constitutiona/unconstitutional. That is why there is an amendment process Pretending...

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Bluecarp on Twitter

"If you make a column of things you are pretty sure you know, then you make another column of how you know those things, about 90% of that second column is just like, 'yeah, some guy told me.'"

-Marc Maron

Kinda like #GlobalWarming, actually. @YouTube

Ep 42 is out! We discuss the #SCOTUS decision to keep the #Trump administration from asking about #citizenship on the 2020 #census.

The census has asked about citizenship for most of this country's history, so why can't it be asked next year? #TheLaw

I'm very glad an excellent candidate who happens to be a #Jamaican female immigrant of color is going to run against @AOC as a #Republican.

But a Republican ain't gonna win that district. AOC needs, and will get, a strong #Democratic challenger in her primary.

Intersectionalist SJWs calling Chris @prattprattpratt a racist for wearing a #GadsdenFlag t-shirt represent every reason we will be able to thank the #Democrats for the reelection of #DonaldTrump.

@Alyssa_Milano & @Cher & @BetteMidler see what you can do about this nonsense.

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