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Month: November 2018

A wasted vote?

I live in Denver House District 9. The Democrat candidate has one opponent, a Republican. Denver is not going to elect a Republican. The Democrat will win. So any vote against the democratic candidate is wasted. That’s the...

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Bluecarp on Twitter

It you list the reasons why #Broncos lost and mention Flacco and not Bolles... You probably host a sports talk show in Denver.

Peaceful people are being warned that if they do not voluntarily turn in a politically disfavored object they'll be visited by agents of the state to disrupt the peace & kill them to obtain that object.

The commies are going full Gulag. @BetoORourke #DNC #2A

"No state shall, without the Consent of Congress . . . enter any Agreement or Compact with another State . . .."

U.S. Constitution, Art I, Sec 10, Cl 3.

Good luck with that, #NPV,

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