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Month: January 2019

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Bluecarp on Twitter

Internet all like "the Night King is going to reanimate the dead Starks in the crypts! It ain't safe down there!"

Yet, the dead are in tombs. I don't think you can just turn the doorknob and walk out. #GoT #HBO

Law enforcement isn't designed to protect you or prevent crime. It is designed to show up post-crime, take a report, maybe some measurements, & collect evidence if any exists. The #SCOTUS knows.

Protect yourself.

She posessess a bad combination of totalitarian tendencies. Of course, now that she's running for president, she is sorry. #insincere #Kamala #2020Elections

Re the the tv graphic:

There's nothing illegal about posting fake memes on social media. Not even from Russia.

We don't have a Ministry of Truth. Yet.

#Collusion isn't illegal, either.

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