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Month: February 2019

Minor notes

I just saw the news that the Colorado Rockies have agreed to long-term contract with Nolan Arenado. For some reason, I felt like that was good news and I smiled. It know it is just bread and circuses, but he is a great...

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Is that a fact?

Think of certain things you know for a fact.   Then ask how did you learn this fact?   Was it because people in authority told you, over and over, that it is a fact and you ultimately acquiesced to their declaration?   Or do you...

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Bluecarp on Twitter

In hindsight, it's obvious libertarians were right about:

• The Iraq War
• Waco
• Bailouts
• Predicting the 2008 housing bubble
• Obamacare
• The War on Poverty
• The War on Drugs

Why would anyone be surprised we were right about COVID lockdowns, too?

Smash the state.

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