“If you don’t like my lyrics, you can press fast forward.”

Truth from Jay Z


“‘The People’s Justice:‘ After decade on Supreme Court, Sonia Sotomayor is most outspoken on bench and off”

Members of the judiciary are not supposed to be for “the people.” They are supposed to be for The Constitution. The Constitution is for “the people.”


El Paso suspect told police he was targeting ‘Mexicans,’ confessed to attack: report

A man apparently murdered 22 people and injured another two dozen. Whatever the statutory maximum punishment for the crime is, be it life in prison or the death penalty, he qualifies for it.

Yet, this sentence appears in the story: “Federal authorities . . . are mulling bringing hate crime charges against the suspect.” The man is a mass murderer. What does it say about our society when our elected legislative bodies deem one mass murder worse than another depending on if “hate” is involved?

That distinction is Lewis Carroll level absurd.


Julián Castro defends brother’s shaming of Trump donors

He’s not “shaming” them.

He’s encouraging people to harass them.

Pretending that is not the case is as bad as Trump supporters denying Trump mocked a disabled reporter.

Let’s not get cute.


I received my 14 page full color newsletter from my Denver City Councilman1 Kendra Black today in the mail.

One section touts these principles:

  1. All Denver Residents deserve to live within a 10-minute walk of a park or open space.
  2. Strive to provide at least 10 park acres for every 1,000 Denver residents.

To accomplish these goals, a non-profit organization co-founded by Councilman Black will “raise funds to for land acquisition for new parks and capital projects.”

Leaving aside the huge difference between parks and capital projects, acquisition of land for parks necessarily means less land for housing. Given that a lack of “affordable” housing is a recurring theme in Denver politics, it seems that at least acknowledging the inconsistency of the two objectives would be appropriate. All too often “progressives” tout some “green” goal, like more parks, and fail to note how existing home owners and developers and landlords financially benefit from the decrease in potential supply of housing.

One might declare that a potentially corporatist plan if one were to contemplate it long.


  1. “Councilman,” like “human” is a gender neutral term.