The newly installed Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton, demanded “exact figures of the duties accumulated in each state. When they sent back suspiciously low numbers, Hamilton, who knew something about smuggling from St. Croix, suspected it must be rife along the eastern seaboard.”

–Hamilton, p. 292

Smuggling, sure. And the fed agents collecting the taxes…excuse me, I mean “duties”… were probably skimming, too.

So, the federal govt, from the beginning, was largely a front for organized crime. “You want to unload that ship? It’ll cost ya. You know, ‘duties.'”


“Unfortunately, William Duer [Hamilton’s friend and his personal choice for his First Assistant Secretary of the Treasury] suffered from a severe case of moral myopia and always found rather blurry the line between public service and private gain.”

–Hamilton, page 293

So, from the beginning, our federal bureaucracy has been an incubator for corruption. The govt is not benevolent. Never has been.

Understand history. Understand power. Anyone that thinks the govt helps the downtrodden and oppressed probably went to a school controlled by the govt.

But it is never too late to see the truth.