According to a story in Business Insider

[Republican] Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri plans to introduce a bill that would ban loot boxes — a random collection of items that players can buy in a game — and other types of microtransactions in video games marketed to children.

See “A US senator is pushing a bill to stop ‘Fortnite’ and other games from selling ‘loot boxes’ to kids. Here’s why loot boxes are causing so much panic.

Loot boxes are like video game grab bags. The stuff inside the grab bag is unknown. You pay to buy it and then see what you get. The contents in the video versions of these grab bags help you in the game. If one does not wish to purchase these things, the player can usually earn the same items by playing the game. The cost of purchasing these digital items can be as little $.99 and go up from there. Many of these games, like Fortnite, are free to play. But they make a lot of money via these microtransactions. I mean, like, a LOT of money.

Hawley thinks these microtransactions are bad:

“Video game companies are using ‘pay-to-win’ and ‘loot box’ systems to addict children to their games and spend their parents money,” Hawley wrote on Twitter on Wednesday.

Hawley must believe parents are incapable of preventing their children from excessive game playing and that parents have no say or control over the money their kids spend. The only logical solution, of course, is for the government to do it for them.

He’s a good Republican.