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Author: DK Williams

A wasted vote?

I live in Denver House District 9. The Democrat candidate has one opponent, a Republican. Denver is not going to elect a Republican. The Democrat will win. So any vote against the democratic candidate is wasted. That’s the...

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I vote third party

I vote third party.   The two major parties are both responsible for destroying this country. Arguing about which one is doing it slower is absurd.   It’s like getting into a knife fight on the way to your execution...

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Bluecarp on Twitter

If your job - or avocation - is to peruse years of tweets to find something one might criticize, you are a sorry human being.

The govt is not a tool of liberation. It is a tool of oppression.

Approx. 77% of internet news headlines: "X going to happen" or "Major evidence of X to be released."

Percent of times X happens: <1.

@AJOatsvall @LPNational The 2 old parties have convinced a lot of people to accept that the govt can & should centrally control a lot more than the founders intended. As a result the average person is afraid of freedom bc they can't picture limited govt without thinking it'll be a zombie apocalypse.

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