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Author: DK Williams

On the Manafort convictions

Do I think Paul Manafort probably lied on bank loan documents and intentionally filed false tax returns? Yep. Do I think a large staff of professional prosecutors and investigators with a nigh on unlimited budget could find...

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There are no words for the arrogance behind this level of bloat and corruption. #copolitics via @denverpost

Let's wait 35 years then make an accusation on the eve of an event then complain those not willing to delay the event are the unreasonable ones. Apropos of nothing in particular, of course. #KavanaughConfirmation

He's a far better choice than Warren, Booker, Bloomberg, Hillary, Harris, Cuomo... B/c he's the only one who is not an insufferable self-righteous a-hole. #copolitics #Hickenlooper

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UNC Basketball: Tar Heels' uniforms top Sports Illustrated list #GoHeels

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