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Author: DK Williams

There is an amendment process…

Whether or not something is moral/immoral, good policy/bad policy, fair/unfair have absolutley no bearing on whether or not that something is constitutiona/unconstitutional. That is why there is an amendment process Pretending...

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On the Manafort convictions

Do I think Paul Manafort probably lied on bank loan documents and intentionally filed false tax returns? Yep. Do I think a large staff of professional prosecutors and investigators with a nigh on unlimited budget could find...

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Bluecarp on Twitter

"If we could only outlaw guns, no one would die from being shot." = "If we could only outlaw gravity, no one would die in a plane crash."

Both ignore basic reality.

As someone who won't be voting for #Trump or any of the #Democrats still on the debate stage, it looks like the Dems are doing everything they can to miss a gimme.

Re ending the #deathpenalty in CO:

Been listening to complaints from "limited govt" Republican types complaining about the govt becoming more limited.

Good job #coleg. Good job. #CoPolitics

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