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Author: DK Williams

Minor notes

I just saw the news that the Colorado Rockies have agreed to long-term contract with Nolan Arenado. For some reason, I felt like that was good news and I smiled. It know it is just bread and circuses, but he is a great...

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Bluecarp on Twitter

Progressives can be as indignant as they want, but if they can't figure out why #Trump can fill an arena full of boisterous fans, he will be reelected.

And, no, chalking it up to racism & ignorance isn't sufficient. The "deplorable" strategy ain't gonna work in 2020, either.

Regarding the #Citizenship question on the #census:

Even if #SCOTUS allows other questions, there is only one legit census question - "How many people live here?"

You may disregard the rest.

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