I can not believe I have seen “Breaded Buffalo wings” on bar menus. That is nonsense. If it is breaded, it is a piece of fried chicken, not a Buffalo wing.


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This week, in episode 43, we discuss the FUCT trademark case – Iancu v Brunetti (2019). 

Last month, the U.S. Supreme Court dealt with the Lanham Act’s prohibition on the registration of trademarks deemed “immoral” or “scandalous.” This provision kept Erik Brunetti from registering the name of his clothing line, FUCT. He won. He can now trademark FUCT.


I prefer chunky blue cheese dressing with my wings, but I do not disparage those who chose ranch. I believe in living in harmony.


I have only recently discovered the YouTube channel “First We Feast” and its show “Hot Ones.” On the show, Sean Evans interviews mostly famous people as they both eat a series of hotter wings. For some reason, it is highly entertaining.


Swiss cheese and mushrooms are delicious in an omelette.


I say the nickname “Que Mala” for Kamala Harris in a Ruben Navarrette Facebook post. I think that means I can use it.


This is frightening.

Fort Collins Police Department wants neighbors to enable spy cams

“The amount of things it could be used for are endless,” Fort Collins Police Chief Jeff Swoboda said.

“If it helps the police department with keeping us secure, I’m fine with that,” a Fort Collins resident declared.