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Minor notes

I just saw the news that the Colorado Rockies have agreed to long-term contract with Nolan Arenado. For some reason, I felt like that was good news and I smiled. It know it is just bread and circuses, but he is a great...

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Bluecarp on Twitter

If a bad guy is alone in a house, turn off the water, turn off the power, watch the doors and wait. Breaching the peace is completely unnecessary.

Otherwise, you get a house in #GreenwoodVillage being destroyed. Or worse.

Unless there is evidence of immediate violence occurring inside a residence, or that violence is immediately imminent, law enforcement should never breach the peace by breaking down someone's door.

Stop #NoKnockWarrants End #QualifiedImmunity End the failed #DrugWar

No one would have been shot and no one would have died if police had not burst down the door into an apartment after midnight.

End the Drug War.


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