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Category: Taxation

The duopoly and the debt

Trump is a bad president. His supporters can, indeed, point out good things he has done. I do not discount those things. But the shadow looming over the future existence of this country is the national debt. He, along with a...

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Is that a fact?

Think of certain things you know for a fact.   Then ask how did you learn this fact?   Was it because people in authority told you, over and over, that it is a fact and you ultimately acquiesced to their declaration?   Or do you...

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Bluecarp on Twitter

The dishonesty is palpable.

Not once did the author mention the facts or holding of the case:

That the govt can't censor documentaries.

We discussed #CitizensUnited in ep 2 of The Law. Check it. Better yet, actually read the decision via @usatoday

The only recourse for a violation of that oath? The next election.

One might think Democrats would be more appreciative of democracy.


The two party system:

Don't vote for them! They want to gouge out an eye!

We only want to cut off a thumb!

We are far superior to them!

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