Corporatists want government laws to protect them from competition. This can take many forms, including increasing the barrier to entry so new competitors have a harder time entering the market.

They also want the want the government to take tax money and give it to them. This can take many forms, which is why the tax code, including statutes, regulations and administrative decisions is about 70,000 pages. Each page gives corporatists something they want. To be clear, different corporatists may want different, opposing things. And they will hire lobbyists to get they want and deprive the other of what it wants.

In total, competing corporatists spend billions of dollars every year to sculpt the tax code to their liking.

Of course, people with no real money to lobby congress want things from government, as well. All these people have to offer lawmakers is a vote.

This group has many issues that are important to them. For example, there are millions of people who are very passionate about abortion and immigration and gay marriage. Generally speaking, corporatists are not very concerned about these issues. Corporatists love it when, for example, hard core Democratic voters and hard core Republican voters passionately argue about abortion.

While that argument among the hoi polloi is going on, the corporatists are making campaign donations to both Democrats and Republicans. They really do not care who wins the abortion argument, because they have made sure both the Democrat and the Republican are going to support the government’s protection and subisidy of the corporatists.