Denver’s 9 News has a great story on the Denver Police Department’s Tesla. (See Yes, the Denver Police Department owns a Tesla.) 

This is a great learning moment about how law enforcement thinks.

The Denver Police said they have this car because it was used in a crime. Then, from the 9 News story, this:

Denver Police spokesman Jay “Casillas couldn’t tell us much about the specifics of the crime that snared the Tesla. All he could say was it used in a ‘multi-jurisdictional drug case that is being prosecuted by the Colorado Attorney General’s office.'”

So, if it’s “being prosecuted,” there has not been a conviction yet. And in the US, some crazy people think “innocent until proven guilty” is an important concept. So the Denver Police apparently do not think that concept is important.

But, hey, a Tesla is really, really cool. Who cares about a little thing like an actual conviction?