Popular culture not only reflects modern sensibilities and current political movements, It creates them. It molds them. It nurtures them.

It seems to me, without any actual verifiable data, that big government loving progressives dominate popular culture. One need only channel surf late night comedy talk shows to collect such anecdotes:

Samantha Bee: “Boy, that Trump sure is dumb!”
Audience: Laughs hysterically.

Entertainment Weekly covers all aspects of popular culture, from movies to television to books to music and podcasts and things that fill in the cracks between them. As a long time on-again/off-again subscriber to Entertainment Weekly1, I could think of no better source to analyze and explore political references in pop culture.

As one might guess, Entertainment Weekly is a magazine that covers entertainment on a weekly basis. I hope to analyze and mock it on the same schedule.

Footnote ======

  1. I use to brag that I was a subscriber to both Entertainment Weekly and The Economist. That was back when The Economist ran articles based upon an actual understanding of economics. Now it just shills for big-government Keynesianism and central planning. Frankly, EW is more scholarly now