Note: My on again/off again series on pop culture via Entertainment Weekly is on again this week.

Popular culture not only reflects modern sensibilities and current political movements, It creates them. It molds them. It nurtures them. Knowing what is going on in pop culture as it relates to politics is important.

The picture on the the first page.

The cover of this week’s pop culture bible features everyone’s favorite aunt and nephew, Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow. The final season of HBO’s Game of Thrones is scheduled to debut in 2019, and the magazine has exclusive pictures! Woot.

Game of Thrones is an excellent libertarian series: The seat of government, the Iron Throne, is controlled by whichever warlord has the biggest, most powerful army. Holding the seat of government is helped by duplicity, treachery, backstabbing, deceit, bribery and backroom deals. You know, just like in real life. But, hey, at least it ain’t anarchy, amirite, people? Anarchy would be horrible.

The table of contents.

I am excited. We are going to have a story on Colorado’s own Gary Hart and the monkey business that sank his presidential campaign. We also learn that Atticus Finch is going to be on the Broadway stage this season. I can only imagine the #BelieveAllWoman protests THAT will inspire. I guess that in the SJW era, Finch is the bad guy.


A margin note suggest that “after you finish House of Cards on Nov. 2, vote in the midterm elections on Nov. 6!” I am of the belief that, after watching House of Cards, no one should vote. At least not for anyone in one of the two major parties.  As the ill-fated President Frank Underwood said in Season 5, Congress is “a bunch of self-serving, money-hungry, boot-licking, power-seeking politicians, who can be seduced or sucker-punched or blackmailed into submission.”

Speaking of Game of Thrones…

Richard Madden, who played Robb Stark, is in a popular British tv show called “Bodyguard.” It is not a remake of the Kevin Costner/Whitney Houston movie, I have learned. The show is available on Netflix in the US.

Don’t think it is gonna make my playlist.

According to EW, we can thank Donald Trump for Barbra Streisand’s first album of (mostly) original songs since 2005. It is none too-subtlety named “Walls.” It “is a somber but spirited record of unbridled Streisand rage” at our “unhinged republic.” Hey, EW gets points for saying “republic” and not “democracy.” Credit where due. But unless there is a duet with Neil Diamond, the album will remain unheard by me.


Every week, EW devotes two pages to what it calls “news.” This week one page is devoted to the end of Megyn Kelly’s run at NBC. Her dismissal follows her “racially insensitive beliefs about blackface.” The second page of “news” tells us that while there are not enough minorities on TV, there are more LGBTQ  characters than ever. According to GLAAD, “8.8% of series-regular characters on broadcast TV identify as LGBTQ – a record high, surpassing last year’s 6.4%.”

Now you know.

The cable network FX is tabbed as “having the highest number of LGBTQ roles” on cable. FX is part of the Fox Entertainment Group, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch, whom I was led to believe is an evil conservative who therefore must hate gay people. Social justice is all so confusing.

Colorado’s own Gary Hart gets a movie and Hugh Jackman plays him.

The movie The Front Runner will be released on election day, November 6. EW describes Hart as having “all-American charisma” and refers to him as”the charming Colorado senator.” This description may be overdoing it a tad. As Noah Cross1 said in Chinatown: “Politicians, ugly buildings, and whores all get respectable if they last long enough.” Hart is now respectable. He is not an ugly building, but that still leaves two options that may apply.

The movie “follows Hart for nearly a month in 1987, from when he first announced his presidential candidacy to when allegations of his extramarital affairs torpedoed his political aspirations.” Benedict Evans, the author of the article, then parenthetically laments,” Ah, the days when alleged sexual impropriety could have such an effect.” I am guessing Evans was contemplating Donald Trump and not Bill Clinton, but I could be wrong. Not all entertainment writers are Democratic shills incapable of binary thought.


On Broadway

Bryan Cranston will play Howard Beale, the famous “mad as hell” anchorman from the 1976 movie Network, on Broadway. The play opens December 6. The “story about media manipulation and the blurred lines of fact and fiction” is still pertinent in 2018, if not more so.

Jeff Daniels, from Dumb and Dumber, will play Atticus Finch in the new stage version of To Kill a Mockingbird. Seriously, though, how will a play based on a false-rape allegation be received in the post-Kavanaugh confirmation era? We’ll find out when it opens on December 13.


In the Freddie Mercury biopic Bohemian Rhapsody, Michael Myers plays the head of a record label who “loudly insists that teenagers in cars will never bang their heads to ‘Bohemian Rhapsody.'” How meta.

Christian Bale “gained 40 pounds to morph into a dead ringer for former vice president Dick Cheney in the movie Vice. I wonder who Hollywood will treat him? 2

  1. played by actor John Huston
  2. I am not actually wondering.