–“I always knew you were just another rich girl.”

“You don’t know any other rich girls.” 

–“Many underestimated you. Most of them are dead now.” 

During the opening scene, when the boy is running to see the procession led by Dany and Jon, the closed captioning briefly reads “pig squeals…donkey brays.” Hearing the animal noises is natural. Reading the description is hilarious. Yes, I’m #EasilyAmused.  

–Sansa asks how they are going to feed two armies and two dragons. This is an excellent query that seems to be ignored.  

–Doesn’t Dany wonder why Jon can ride a dragon? Surely she knows only Targaryens have ever ridden them before. Does she already know?

–“I used to think you were the cleverest man alive.”

–Could Ayra put on the face of a White Walker to kill the Night King? (Yes, she’d have to kill one first… I think.)

–From the internet: Dany and Jon’s dragon ride could have benefited from Aladdin’s “Whole New World” playing behind it.

–Regarding Joffrey’s wedding: “It had its moments.”

–Cersei has completely lost her mind. What does she think she is going to be left if the Night King wins? She’s seen a wight. Does she think the rest of Westeros is trying to con her or something? Darling, you ain’t that important to ’em. They could just take you out with a dragon.

–I believe Euron when he told Yara he would just leave if he finds out he’s on the losing side. Especially now that he’s obtained his real goal: You know… to…ah… get to know the Queen better.

–The name of the Golden Army boss is “Harry Strickland.” That names sounds more like a character from L.A. Law than Game of Thrones.

–A bit ominous: “She doesn’t need to be my friend, but I am her queen. If she can’t respect me…”  

–The Hound, to Arya, is all like, “you left me to die.” I’m like, “dude, you were begging her to kill you.” She didn’t.  I don’t think you can be all that aggravated about the situation.

–“I’ve always had blue eyes!”

–I do not know how the whole Lord of Light resurrection thing works, but since Beric Dondarrion has been resurrected mutliple times, I wonder why they could not resurrect his right eye. (He is defniitely rockin’ the whole Rooster Cogburn vibe.)

–“Waiting, for an old friend.”

–Pop culture is educational. I have learned from GoT that Dolorous Edd literally means “Edd is expressing great sorrow.” He does not seem to be THAT sad.