I am excited about the future of the Libertarian Party of Colorado. I am very glad we have three candidates for state chairman of our party. If no one cared, no one would be running. We definitely have people that care. That is good. I think contested races are beneficial for the party.

I have nothing but the utmost respect for Matt DiGi and Wayne Harlos. They are both valuable assets to our movement. I hope they both stay involved for decades to come.

Wayne has done a tremendous job as chairman. I do not think anyone can deny that. If he retains the gavel, the LPCO will stay in excellent hands. I am a firm believer in term limits, however, and when a potential qualified replacement with a tremendous track record comes along, ready to make the sacrifice to serve as state chair, I support her.

I will therefore be voting for Victoria Reynolds for the State Chairman1 of the LPCO. Her work with the Denver County Development Group has been nothing short of astounding. Her tireless dedication to our party and to the movement in general is well-known. Her time and experience on the State Board gives her the background needed to serve as state chairman.

Her outreach ability is beyond compare. Her willingness to put in the hours of hard and often tedious work is well documented. Her ability to represent libertarian principles to the public and through the press is exceptional.

I hope you consider voting for Victoria Reynolds with me.

Live free.

D.K. Williams


P.S. While it has no bearing on my unqualified support for her, it would be quite something if we could declare that we have had two female immigrant leaders of our party in recent history. We could use that to our advantage and shame the “‘progressives” and Democrats with that bit of information.


  1. In before someone complains: “Chairman” is a gender neutral term. Like “human.”