As I noted on my Facebook page:


The popular media derisively referred to Sarah Palin (@sarahpalinUSA) as “Caribou Barbie.” Does that mean they’d be cool with calling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@Ocasio2018) “Socialist Barbie?”

#AskingForAFriend #MediaBias


Of course, the internet came through for me with some better sobriquets for the self-described socialist:


  • Komrade Barbie
  • Bronx Bolschevik (which was promptly corrected to “Yorktown Heights Barbie” by another. Well-played, sir. Well-played.)
  • She Guevara
  • Shedel Castro
  • Marxandria Barbie
  • Gulag Barbie
  • Caracas Barbie
  • Polly Pot
  • Kimberly Jong-Un
  • Chiquita Khrushchev
  • Ho She Minh
  • Karly Marx
  • Leninski Barbie
  • Marxist Barbie
  • Bolshevik Barbie

Which is your favorite? Do you have a better one? Fire away!