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The Democratic mantra that the Mueller Report does not “exonerate” Trump is meaningless. Prosecutors do not “exonerate” people. They either bring charges or they do not. While a sitting President can not be indicted, there is nothing to prevent a special prosecutor from laying out all the elements of a crime and saying those elements have been met. The ball then moves to Congress to impeach or not. That did not happen here.

So when Trump says he has been “exonerated,” it is just as meaningless as the Democrats saying he has NOT been “exonerated.” For legal purposes, which is what we are discussing, there is a presumption of innocence. If one is not convicted, one is innocent. If one is not even charged, one is, likewise, innocent. “Exoneration” has no legal significance.


My political predictions are demonstrably bad. Nevertheless, if the Democrats in the House of Representatives impeach Trump, they are handing him a second term.


Dear Democrats: Impeach or STFU.


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Some Democrats and their mainstream media partners seem to think that the fact that a president can be indicted AFTER he leaves office is some kind of amazing revelation. It is not.


CoDems: The #ElectoralCollege is not democratic and must go! We need the #NPV!
Also #CoDems: #TABOR is unconstitutional b/c it is TOO democratic! (See Kerr v Hickenlooper).
Consistency is a bitch.
#CoPolitics #CoLeg
At one point, regarding the fact that a president could be indicted after his term expires, a congressman asked Mueller what would happen if the statute of limitations has expired during the president’s term. Mueller, in essence, said he didn’t know, which is a perfectly legit response to a pure hypothetical. I wish, however, he had said, “Congress actually writes the statutes of limitation, Congressman, so why don’t you tell me?”

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