Go for, Swalwell. Or shut up. It is time for the Democrats to impeach or get off the pot.

Rep. Eric Swalwell: It’s time for Trump’s impeachment. Mueller’s report gave us everything we need.


Pleasure and happiness are not the same thing.

I read that in book about Buddhism once, standing in the aisle of a Barnes & Noble, browsing.

Understanding the difference is important. It was for me.


I just listened to the Joe Rogan Experience and his interview with Cornell West. I recommend the episode.


Sure, you can trust the government with this data.

How Denver uses its license plate-reading cameras on Federal Boulevard


In 2016, the Dems choked away a gimme election to Donald Trump with an unlikeable, condescending, smarmy and insulting candidate.

Apparently, that strategy has not been discarded.


I can not stand Trump. There are no circumstances under which I will vote for the man. Didn’t in ’16. Won’t in ’20.

I also can not stand make-believe boogeyman generated in an attempt to increase govt power. OMG THE RUSSIANS!

The 10 Worst, Most Embarrassing U.S. Media Failures on the Trump-Russia Story


Anyone who thinks paper ballots are secure hasn’t seen the Reese Witherspoon/Matthew Broderick movie “Election.”


Memory is what’s left of the truth after our brain is done with the edit.


“Our government has transformed from a constitutional government of enumerated powers into a national regulatory-subsidy state that claims and exercise unlimited, unenumerated, plenary power over almost all areas of our lives.”

–Thomas Krannawitter