I am perusing the 12 page full color newsletter my Denver City Councilman,* Kendra Black, sent me and everyone else in southeast Denver’s District 4.

The first page includes the following:


Wow! More than 300 southeast Denver residents attended our 2016 visioning meetings and 1,500 more completed surveys. Thank you. Here’s what we heard in important to you:

— LOCAL RESTAURANTS & RETAIL: Local coffee shops, a farmer’s market and a beer garden, like the one in Lowry.

Awesome. I have no problem with people wanting coffee, produce and beer. It sounds like a most excellent healthy daily diet. I’m 2/3 of the way toward that on a daily basis.

The problem is that government makes it harder for these wishes to come true, not easier. The city should repeal regulations. Unfortunately, cities rarely have that inclination.

I predict that any city attempt at meeting these goals will include more government programs, not fewer. And that will not work.


*Yes, she’s female. But “councilman” is just as appropriate as “human.” The “-man” suffix doesn’t indicate sex, it indicates all of humanity. See also “chairman,” “alderman,” and “congressman.”