Heisman Trophy winner Kyler Murray is listed as 5’11” on his Wikipedia page, but ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith said “it’s kind and generous to say he’s 5’9”.” The NFL will measure him and declare his official eight for league purposes. But even at 5’11’, he is not tall for an NFL quarterback. 

Despite their relative lack of height, both Seattle Seahawk quarterback Russell Wilson and the New Orleans Saints’ Drew Brees have been very successful. Wilson is listed at 5’11”.  Brees at 6’0” even. They are considered “short” by NFL QB standards, yet they are still top-tier players.

It is a disadvantage to be short, but height can be overcome.

I am more concerned about the quality of the team he had at Oklahoma and the quality of teams he played against in the Big 12. To wit, he had a great offensive line on his team, and, to borrow from Stephen A., it would be kind and generous to call Big 12 defenses average.

A great offensive line makes even an average quarterback look pretty good. A bad defense makes an average quarterback with a great offensive line look really good.

This doesn’t mean Murray won’t have a great NFL career.  But they are reasons that one might be overrating him right now. The list of players with great college passing numbers who flamed out in the NFL is long and indistinguished.

I am afraid Murray will be one of them.