Hey, that rhymes! Sadly, the rest does not and is not funny at all. It is rather sad.

This excerpt from the introductory paragraph of Christopher Walker’s SCOTUSblog post should be of serious concern to all Americans. Unfortunately, it probably concerns less than 1% of us. And that is why it does not change.

“Administrative law’s importance in our everyday lives has become even more pronounced in recent decades with the rise of regulation and the decline of legislation. To provide just one imperfect snapshot, in 2015 and 2016 federal agencies promulgated more than 7,000 final rules filling more than 60,000 pages in the Federal Register. During that same time, by contrast, the 114th Congress enacted just 329 public laws filling about 3,000 pages in the Statutes at Large.”

The entire post is here: Kavanaugh on administrative law and separation of powers