Pictured above: A Colorado conservative considering the catastrophic effects of psilocybin mushrooms on society.

Activist group Decriminalize Denver has apparently turned in sufficient signatures to get a measure on an upcoming municipal ballot that would decriminalize psychedelic mushrooms in the city. 1


The opposition is not reticent 2:

“Keep up the great work Denver. I remember when Colorado used to be a nice place, good camping. Let the left take over and you’ll soon be proud of feces streets and a useless population. Not too far from that now, sad and pathetic.”

“CO ….working towards being a dump.”

“More dope for dopes, good job Colorado.”

“God I have to get out of this state.”

“Liberals are bad for society, bad for our children and bad for the Country. It is sad that a lot of you scumbags came from California and have ruined my native state.”

Of course. Because


The wide-spread fear that someone might need, or even merely want, to ingest a substance that is currently illegal is evidence of mass indoctrination. Rational discussion is nigh on impossible. “Drugs are bad” is all of the argument drug warriors need. It is the mantra drilled into their psyche for half a century. 3

But even accepting the premise that “drugs are bad,” it does not follow that they should be illegal. Many things are “bad.” Even if one has no particular philosophical or political bent, at the very least one should consider a cost /benefit analysis of a given policy. The War on Drugs fails such an analysis.

Of course, faux “limited government” types in the GOP believe even considering a cost/benefit analysis of the Drug War a heresy. Why? Because drugs are bad, of course. Like the true progressives they are, results are irrelevant when virtue signaling is the goal. And what is the virtue they want to signal to the world? They believe drugs are bad, mmkay?

If one actually has an actual philosophical foundation for one’s beliefs, and if that foundation is actually of limited government and classical liberalism, then the Drug War fails on philosophical grounds. As some smart guy likes to say, “freedom is dangerous, live dangerously.” This Denver mushroom initiative illustrates the concept well.

Those in opposition to decriminalization of ‘shrooms are scared that people using them will damage society 4 But that fear is irrational and based on Drug War indoctrination. “Conservatives” should let go of that fear. If they want to “live free,” they must let others do the same. 5


  1. Magic Mushroom Decriminalization Could Be Voted On in Denver.
  2. Comments taken from the Denver Post article “Magic mushroom decriminalization just got 8,000 signatures closer to being on Denver’s ballot”
  3. President Richard Nixon used the phrase “War on Drugs” in 1971, identifying drug abuse as “public enemy No. 1.”
  4. Or, in this case, just Denver.
  5. The fearful opposition routinely objects “What about theft? And violence? And negligent driving?!” Their indoctrination blinds them to the obvious fact that those things are, and shall remain, illegal.