The Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate in New Mexico, Gary Johnson, is well-ahead of the Republican candidate. The Democrat is leading.

As Reason’s Matt Welch tweeted, “If this first three-way poll is any indication, there will be a LOT of pressure on GOP Senate candidate Mick Rich to withdraw from the race in New Mexico.” The poll to which he refers is in his article, “Shock Poll: Gary Johnson at 21% in Senate Race, nearly twice as much as GOP nominee.

I have been a long-time activist within the Libertarian Party. I have even run for office more than once. I have heard the earnest pleas of die-hard Republicans that Libertarians only help Democrats win races and that we should not screw it up by running. 1 As the Libertarian candidate for Colorado Attorney General in 2014, an elected Republican even told me, 2 at an out of town conference, that I should be run off the road on the way home so I would not “take” any votes from the Republican. The hilarious implication being that if I were to die, I would not be a bother to them.

Assuming these earnest pleas for Libertarians to step aside so that the Democrat would, assuredly, lose were genuine, and arose from a sense of true concern for the defeat of the Democrat, and not vile, blatant power-hungry partisan hypocrisy, those same people, and their GOP ilk, should demand the Republican bow out in New Mexico.

Or perhaps there were not earnest. Perhaps they are vile, blatantly power-hungry partisan hypocrites.

  1. This assertion is demonstrably untrue, but indoctrination goes a long way, especially with hyper-partisan tribalists.
  2. Jokingly, I think.